RIP Humanity, long live capitalism!

Sayeda Shefa

Greedylicious much? Probably yes, because amid this COVID-19 crisis when the death toll is rising all over the world, and the whole nation in lockdown to contain the spread of the virus, the RMG sector has decided to shoot technically HUMAN AMMO to get what (they think) they deserve “The Incentives” or profit/BEP whatsoever! And this is where these poor people always “come in handy”! To them these millions of poor workers are probably –“NOTHING BUT COLLATERAL DAMAGE” or just “HUMAN CASUALTIES”!

Being the highest contributor to the export, the RMG sector has contributed tremendously to the country’s GDP growth and we do not disregard the contributions of the RMG sector to our economy, but we cannot also ignore the fact that those contributions at times proved to be very costly, costing thousands of lives!

Amid this pandemic, such a step like this is totally irresponsible and putting a knife like sacking on the throats of those helpless workers is brutal. But this is not the first time that the country’s RMG companies have put the lives of poor labourers in danger! People still vividly remember those horrific incidents of Rana Plaza that got over eleven hundred people killed or Tazreen Fashions that got more than hundred people killed and more than two hundred injured due to lack of safety measures which led to the worldwide criticism and eventually suspension of GSP facility by the U.S.A. in 2013.

But even after all these years, and all those death tolls, the RMG companies have very little genuine concern about the workers’ safety. Apparently these owners have far more respect for money than they have for people’s lives, the poor people and this under privileged segment continues to be the collateral damage or the casualties.

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